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Sea Freight Cargo

Maxine Everfast Cargo provides wide range of sea freight service which caters our customers need and demand like Full Container Loaded (commonly known as FCL or Containerized), Less than Container Loaded (commonly known as LCL or Loose Cargo).


Sea freight forwarding in Jakarta Indonesia Service, Consolidation and Charter.With the support of our complete service, facility and well trained employees we believed that we can give our best to meet your need. 

Full Container Loaded (FCL or Containerized)

The FCL or Containerized service is a service that uses container to load up the cargo inside it. This service will help our customers to ship out more cargo and stuffed it inside the containers. The cooperation and connection with domestic and international shipping line, we can have a priority of space reserved and the punctuality of pick up and deliveries.

Less than Container Loaded (LCL or Loose Cargo)

LCL is a shipment using a cargo or wooden vessel for cargo which is not up to load into a container. As for the cargo that needs to be shipped out to other domestic island in Indonesia, we have a very good cooperation with some domestic shipping line.


Break-Bulk Service

Break-bulk service is a service meant to cargoes which are not included into Containerized or Loose cargo type. This service commonly uses barge to load and for a small volume cargo some of the operators are using wooden vessel too.


With the back up of our FCL and LCL and also our relationship with the domestics and international shipping line, we managed to create another service which is Consolidation. This service is the same with LCL but instead of doing it in LCL way we do it in FCL way, meaning we stuffed the less urgent LCL cargo with the same destination into a container and then we shipped it out to the destination. And of course with the consent of our customers.

Charter Vessel

Customers, who need to charter our vessel for their own use of shipment of their cargo urgency and sensitiveness, can call and book our vessel to be chartered. We will offer a reasonable and competitive price for this service. Our ocean logistics services include door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal and port-to-port options all on a single bill of lading. We can also meet your special requirements for large unusual or time-sensitive shipments with a wide range of services 

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