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Air Freight Cargo

Maxine Everfast Cargo offer air freight world wide service over sixty countries. We provide maximum flight flexibility and a complete schedule of delivery options to meet time and price sensitive demands. Whatever your needs may be, Maxine Everfast Cargo ihas the service to satisfy your requirements. Our company offers a broad range of service which includes Air Cargo Service. In this service we offer multiple choices for our customers to choose. The choices are :

Regular Shipment

In this choice, we will provide the schedule to our customers and we will handle and arrange for the shipment. It is a fix schedule which we have arrange with our partners, some leading commercial airlines (national & international), we only need our customers to provide us all the shipment details like invoice, packing list, time of pick up, etc.

One Night Service

This service is to provide flexibility towards our customer’s schedule of production, meaning, we will help our customers to catch an early as possible flight in the next day if our customers happen to meet with some problem with their production. This service is to ensure our customers will not miss any flight even he can not make it for the flight on that day.

Handcarry Service

This service is to pamper our customers for their extra urgent cargo that need to reach final destination as soon as possible without any delay. We specialize a team to handle this service from the pick up until the deliveries to the final destination without fail, with support of the complete facility and well trained employees of course.

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Jl. Raya Setu No.52 Cipayung Jakarta Timur 13880 Jakarta - Indonesia
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